One Year FrankenJS 🎉🎂

Sep 30, 2015

Save the date: the next meetup is scheduled for Thursday, 22. October at 19.00. We meet at the venue Coworking Space Nürnberg.

After founding the community, the first FrankenJS meetup took place at the 23. October 2014. We’re looking back at a amazing year with great meetups, awesome speakers and hosts and so many great attendees. Therefore we want to celebrate our first bithday with you this month.

Stay tuned for all the upcoming stuff! ;)


Game Development with JavaScript and Canvas by Markus Fisch

A short introduction into game development with JavaScript and <canvas/>. Best Practices, Do’s and Don’ts, support for mobile and why a game in the browser is the perfect fit for Game Jams.

@markusfisch (Twitter)
@markusfisch (GitHub) (WWW)

React, Flux & Redux by Sebastian Deutsch

All you ever wanted to know about React / Redux but you were always afraid to ask.

Sebastian founded the German ReactJS Community - Feel free to have a look at his project as well.

@sippndipp (Twitter)
@sebastiandeutsch (GitHub)

Want to Contribute or Fund?

We’re looking for people and companies who would like to sponsor our dev community with beer, snacks and cool talks. We would be happy to spread your brand on our social media channels and at the meetup!

Reserve Now!

For better organizing, please let us know if you’re going to attend :)