Spring Break - GraphQL, RxJS Observables & Elm

Apr 6, 2016

We’re happy to announce the next JavaScript meetup.

The event is scheduled for Monday, 09. May at 18.00 and will be hosted at the adorsys GmbH, Bartholomäusstraße 26c, 90489 Nürnberg.

Please note: if you can’t make it to the event, please update your status for waiting attendees!


Introduction to GraphQL & Relay by Johannes Schickling, Co-Founder of graph.cool

In this talk, Johannes Schickling (co-founder of graph.cool), will give a detailed and practical introduction to GraphQL and Relay. Invented by Facebook, GraphQL is a new and intuitive way for writing APIs and can be seen as the successor to REST. Relay connects a React/ReactNative app with a GraphQL backend and co-locates data dependencies with components. After a brief overview over both technologies, we’re going to build a small React/Relay app connected to graph.cool backend.

Website: graph.cool

How to Make Friends and Delete Boilerplate Code — App Architecture with RxJS Observables by Kahlil Lechelt

In this talk I will quickly introduce Observables and then go into how to implement different unidirectional dataflow patterns with Observables. There is going to be a real world example and code and all that good stuff. Everybody will be able to use this right away in combination with (almost) any framework if they want.

Website: kahlil.info

Podcasts: reactive.audio

Elm: funktionale Sprache fürs Web by Nikolai Prokoschenko

Elm ist eine funktionale Sprache in der Tradition von Haskell und ML, die extra für Webanwendungen ausgelegt ist. Geschwindigkeit, Robustheit, Klarheit und Entwicklerkomfort stehen im Vordergrund – dafür wird eine vollkommen ungewohnte Arbeitsweise und Syntax eingefordert. Wir wollen an einem kleinen Beispiel anschauen, inwiefern diese Versprechen eingelöst werden und inwiefern sich der Einarbeitungsaufwand auf lange Sicht rentiert.


Please register at meetup.com. Since the meetup will be fully catered, please fill out if you are vegan, vegetarian or flexible.

Any Questions?

Feel free to contact us via servus@frankenjs.org:, give us a ping via @FrankenJS or leave a comment at meetup.com/FrankenJS.