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Nov 1, 2017

This time we will focus on open source JS projects which were founded and developed in the local area.

On stage: Tobias Koppers, the inventor of webpack, Wolfram Esser with 4minitz and Lenz Weber with passB

Are you looking for backers or contributers for your open source project? Give us a ping at servus@frankenjs.org for promotion :)

The event will be hosted by our sponsor Paessler AG at Thurn-u.-Taxis-Str. 14 Nürnberg. 🚀, on Wednesday, 13th December.

Enjoy the event and stay amazed for more JS meetups in 2018 🎊



  • 17.00 Open Doors • Snack and Drinks • Make Friends 🍕🍻👫
  • 17.50 Warm welcome by FrankenJS & Paessler AG
  • 18.00 4minitz, Wolfram Esser
  • 18.30 passB, Lenz Weber
  • 19.00 Break (~15 mins)
  • 19.15 Ask me anything • Tobias Koppers, inventor of webpack
  • 20.00 Socializing 🍻

Topics & Speakers

webpack Q&A, Tobias Koppers, inventor of webpack, Fürth

webpack is a static module bundler for modern JavaScript applications. When webpack processes your application, it recursively builds a dependency graph that includes every module your application needs, then packages all of those modules into one or more bundles.

Tobias Koppers the inventor of webpack will answer any question about webpack and open source in general.

passB, Lenz Weber, Würzburg

passB is the presumptuous attempt to create a multi-browser extension for the console password manager “password-store” that reflects the different needs and use cases of the community. It is written in typescript using react and redux, with focus on modularity and extendability, even for developers with little to no knowledge in these technologies. This talk will cover using these technologies in a modern WebExtension and the pitfalls associated with it’s multi-tab nature.

Lenz Weber (phryneas.de) works at Mayflower as a web developer and dev-op. He has a personal interest in security, with a special focus on password management. His password-store is encrypted with a smartcard and stores >600 passwords.

4Minitz.com - FOSS Meeting Minutes WebApp, Wolfram Esser, Erlangen

4Minitz is a free & open source webapp to professionally document meeting protocols. The webapp allows to prepare and send agenda and document meeting information like attending people, proposals and decisions. Action items can be send to responsibles with due dates and on the follow-up meeting all not discussed topics and all open action items from the last meeting are automatically propagated to this new meeting. Additionally you may attach files to meeting protocols and all changes to the minutes are pushed live to all connected clients. The development of 4Minitz is sponsored by Method Park, an Erlangen service provider specialized in the development of high-quality software and software process improvement. Technically 4Minitz is realized with the Meteor.js framework and as such in production mode the only external dependencies on server side are MongoDB and a current node.js.

In the talk we will give a short demo of 4Minitz and then show some technical insights like what we missed and what we liked about Meteor.js and what additional helper frameworks we use and why.

You may try our demo server at: https://www.4minitz.com or fork our code on github: https://github.com/4minitz/4minitz

How to get to the venue

The venue is located at Paessler AG, Thurn-u.-Taxis-Str. 14 Nürnberg.

The next bus stop is called Nürnberg Nordostpark.

Food & Drinks

Please share your food preferences with us at the reservation (veggie 🥚, vegan 🥔, meaty🍗 …)

Important Information

Please cancel your reservation if you can’t make it to the event for waiting attendees.

We have an amazing but packed schedule. Hence there will be no Q&A after the talks. Feel free to connect in the breaks, or after the event.

Connect & Share

Our official hashtag is #frankenjs. Feel free to mention us via @FrankenJS or get in contact via servus@frankenjs.org.